The high quality and standard of BSM tuition plus the 100+ years of BSM's experience at Elaine's Driving School's private school prices!

Elaine believes in clear and transparent pricing of her driving lessons and services. Although you may pay just a little more than the cheap offers other schools may have, you will get a high quality of tuition (BSM+ standard) ultimately saving you money in the long run by passing your test more quickly. It's the old adage: you get what you pay for.


No hopping from school to school to pick up cut price offers generally not learning more at each one!


No driving up and down Southsea seafront or maybe not even getting out of an industrial estate or car park - Elaine uses proper roads!


What you get is a full and real learn-to-drive experience with high quality experienced tuition on the roads giving you more and more experience and skill with each and every lesson.


Elaine also includes Hazard Perception, Highway Code and Theory Test Training in her lessons for no extra fee. This is to help the pupil pass their Theory Test or to maintain and possibly improve their standard during tuition for pupils who have already passed the Theory Test.


Prices start from £22.50 per hour


The usual price of one hour varies between £22.50 - £25 depending on how close you live to Elaine. (Unfortunately, as with everything, the price of fuel varies these figures.) Please contact Elaine for an exact quotation.


The average price that Elaine is charging = £22.50 per hour.


A two hour lesson is standard with most driving schools and instructors. Elaine’s driving lessons are also two hours long as this gives a good amount of time to get more drive time giving the client more experience, to allow time to fully analyse a manoeuvre or discuss how to drive the next part of the route and so on. For some clients, one hour may not be enough time to drive a test route and get back home before an hour is up.

 No Hidden Costs

It’s worth mentioning that there are no hidden costs with Elaine’s Driving School.

For example, some schools will charge you quite a bit of money to ‘hire’ their car for your test and they may not inform you of this charge until near your test time. Elaine’s Driving School charges the price of a two hour lesson as Elaine will take you out on a final ‘warm up’ lesson before your test and the other hour or so covers the use of her car on your test.

If you decide to go with a different driving school, it’s worth checking on this before you make any commitments.

No Cancellation Fees


Elaine understands that life isn’t straight forward and occasionally something may come up that’s more important than having your lesson. Therefore there are no cancellation fees. All Elaine asks is to inform her if you possibly can before your lesson time. However, if a client continues to cancel there may be cause for Elaine to ask if they’d prefer to have another time slot or even to leave the school temporarily, leaving it open for them to come back when things are more convenient.


All prices correct as of March 2018. Please note that Elaine's Driving School won't accept prices that differ on other websites as they are not the current price.


How to bring the price of a lesson down even further




Advance block booking is now priced at £225!


When you advance book 10 hours you automatically receive a discount. This brings the price down of a driving lesson even more. If you block book ten hours with Elaine’s Driving School (5 lessons) the price is £225.


The total hours needed to pass your test according to the Government (see below) is around 47 hours of professional tuition. With this discount and, for example, 50 hours tuition at £22.50 per hour, you will save a whopping £100 off the total amount to pass your test! It really does add up!


This offer can be repeated over and over. At every repeated advance block booking of 10 hours you get the same amount of money off, shaving more off the total cost of passing your Practical Test.

How many hours does it take to pass the practical test?

 The government says: on average, people passing their driving test have had 47 hours of driving lessons with a qualified instructor and 20 hours of private practice (source:


Elaine says: “From my experience I find that the total cost varies from person to person and depends on how quickly the pupil reaches the standard required to pass their practical driving test. Another factor is the pupil’s confidence level. A lack of confidence leads to nerves on and before test day so I consider confidence levels to be vitally important. My aim is to encourage and mould the pupil so they can become a self-assured qualified driver.

“It’s my responsibility to assess my pupil and then build lesson plans around their skill level, standard, experience and confidence. I also assess which method of teaching works best for that pupil so they can learn more effectively. Adapting my instruction, tuition and the way I communicate and interact with each and every pupil means they get the most out of a lesson as possible, making the lesson not only value for money but also, and more importantly, that the pupil is being given the best and most useful tuition possible leading to the pupil passing their test with fewer lessons, saving them even more money.”