Special Offers

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Please inform Elaine prior to your lesson/s

that you want to use a special offer.

Block Book 10 Hours for £200!


Block booking is now priced at £200!


The total hours needed to pass your test (according to the Government) is around 47 hours of professional tuition. With this discount and, for example, 50 hours tuition at £22 per hour, you will save £100 off the total amount to pass your test! It really does add up!


This offer can be repeated over and over. At every repeated block booking of 10 hours you get the same amount of money off, shaving more off the total cost of passing your Practical Test.



  1. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


Recommend a Friend!


This offer is for current pupils. Recommend a friend and they will get an hour of free tuition but not only that - the pupil that recommended the friend will also get an hour of free tuition!



The more people recommended the more free hours and so on.



  1. The pupil who recommends a friend will get the free hour of tuition when the recommended friend books and pays for a two hour lesson or a block booking.
  2. The new pupil can claim their hour of free tuition when a two hour lesson (or block booking) has been booked and paid for.
  3. This offer can be used in conjunction with any offer except the First Lesson Half Price offer.

Christmas/Gift Vouchers


are all SOLD OUT!


Sorry, due to popular demand, all gift vouchers and Christmas vouchers for pupils wishing to start with Elaine's Driving School are SOLD OUT.


For prospective pupils, availability for birthday/any occasion vouchers is likely to be after the New Year.


Check back for updates as Elane's pupils do pass frequently, but not many pupils take lessons or tests over the Christmas period, hence the delay.

Christmas or gift vouchers for current pupils are still AVAILABLE.



How to apply for a voucher:


Just contact Elaine, inform her how many hours or lessons, the reason why (if you'd like to) and then pay. The voucher will then be in the post to arrive as directed or as soon as possible. (Fastest post: The voucher goes in the post 1st class the day after the voucher is paid for or same day if reasonably possible.)


The white envelope containing the voucher is neatly folded in half inside the outer protective cardboard-backed brown envelope in case you want it delivered to yourself first. This way you can address the envelope to the intended yourself. If not then it can be posted directly to the intended.


There will be no marking on the brown envelope except a small handwritten message of “from Elaine” on the back to help keep secrets! Please request no brown envelope markings if required when ordering.


There is no extra charge for the cost to make the voucher, for the envelopes or for the postage.